Is this any reason to start a writer’s blog?

My beloved geek son messed up my old writer’s website in the process of trying to give me a new one for Christmas. He also is very busy working full time for the first time in his life, and who am I to mess with that long-anticipated change? So…says he, ‘why not just set up your web info on a blog; it’s easier to add changes to your vita there, anyway.’

So, because he’s busy and I’m techno-challenged, here I am. But, just to give my hypothetical reader something to read, here’s a poem I wrote about an early writers’ critique group experience — enjoy!


i handed out ten copies,

then broke out in coldest sweat;

how could i let them read these words—

i was no poet yet.

i can’t remember what was said

as they critiqued my poem;

but i could’ve kissed that guy who asked

if he could take it home.

© 2006 by Patricia S. Baker

*First printed in Writer’s Journal, (Vol. 27, No. 6, p. 42)


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